There’s No Failure In Improv

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There’s no failure in improv.



Come on guys!  So I made a pretty large structural error in our Harold rehearsal.  All for one and one for all!

Who’s with me?


Back when we were fledgling Harold rehearsers (1 month ago) we got slapped around a bit.  And last night was another rough one.  At one point, I thought we were in 2C, but it was 2B’s turn.  Then, when I went on to 2C, I tried to do the group a “favor” by nudging things along into a logical third beat collision.  Too early!  Too early.  It confused everybody as it seemed I was deciding to skip right into the third beat.  There was other general sloppiness.  Our pacing wasn’t as good as the last time.  Kendra didn’t bring Cinnamon rolls.

But!  BUT!  This group is resilient, flexible (Jim can bend in half on the vertical axis), and funny.  There were some really great scenes, some excellent time dashes and some wonderful demonstrations of group mind.

Sitting there last night, deconstructing and analyzing what went wrong (my absolute favorite thing to do… seriously) I realized how much I love this group.  We’ve been friends since junior high in many cases and have seen graduations, weddings, children, jobs, adoptions, houses, vacations, successes, failures, boobies (!), low hangers, bad hair (my Richard Marx mullet), good hair, chest hair, facial hair, Hair (let the sunshine in), movies, books, new friends, old friends, best friends, Friends, medical emergencies, medical necessities, medical marijuana (not really), good times, bad times, the Durham Fair, live dogs, dead dogs, dog bites, Spelling Bees, bee stings, Sting, comedy, tragedy (my Richard Marx mullet), Richard Marx, Billy Joe confused with Billy Joel, tears, laughter, hugs, kisses, boobies (again!), smoked meat products, weight loss, weight gain (I’m big boned), rogaine, Novocain, Chicken Stemperata, Thai food, promotions, demotions, emotions, Animotion, objects in motion that tend to not stay in motion, motion pictures, moving pictures (today’s Tom Sawyer), sprained ankles, broken hearts, soaring hearts, kites, bikes, trikes, transvestites, shots, pots, cots, lots, and Sasquatch.

I love them all and would rather learn with them than anybody else.

I mean, I wouldn’t take a bullet for them because that would hurt.  But I would give a very, very accurate description of the shooter so that the police sketch artist could get the investigation started on the right foot.

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