FDA Nutritional Guidelines For Funny

Sticks Author: Marilyn

In my dreams I’m the queen of funny.

No really, last night – seemingly all night – I had dreams about how funny I was. In one, The Sticks were at a comedy club which was hosting a forum on improvisation. I was so inspirational, Jess and I did the ol’ dine-and-dash because, really, they owed me for all the funny.

In the culminating dream of the night, I actually went to a doctor to see if he could determine why I was so much more funny than everyone else. I asked if he could x-ray my arm to see if, perhaps, my funny bone was longer that most people’s.   He said he could, but he wondered what I was hoping to get out of the appointment, what was my ultimate goal. “I’m looking for ways to be funnier, I guess,” I said.  “I’d like to find ways to increase my funniness. Maybe there are certain foods I should eat?”

“Bananas are funny,” he replied.

I woke up chuckling.

So when I say I can be funny in my sleep, I mean it.

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