Back In The Saddle On A Horse With No Name Because There Weren’t Any Actual Horses

Sticks Author: Steve

Well I guess we were on a break.  It’s not like we planned it and it’s not like it was anybody’s fault except that it probably was.  It was probably Allison’s fault.  That’s what I’m declaring now anyway.  It was Allison’s fault that we just couldn’t get along any longer.  You know it’s just that it’s hard to maintain a relationship these days with 12 people.  Right?  That’s a lot of people with a lot of issues.  Mostly Allison with her issues really.  SO MANY ISSUES with that girl.  God!

Okay.  It wasn’t really all Allison now that I have taken a moment to just calm down a little bit.  I mean it was probably mostly her, but if I can turn the blame attention elsewhere and in a place that is other than me, I guess I can say it was also very much Jesse’s fault what with his good looks and his way with the women in the group.  Especially Allison.  Man!  Can’t you just control yourself Allison?  Really?  Jesse?  He’s married to Marilyn for goodness sake.  Did you ever stop and think about that Allison?  No.  You didn’t.  You didn’t stop and think about that.


We haven’t rehearsed for a good long while.  There was a hurricane named Irene that probably just should have been named Allison.  There was also just summer things like vacations and complicated schedules and illnesses and football season starting and odd temperature fluctuations and community theater performances and all of that stuff that went down with some celebrity that made headlines during this time period and meals to cook and things to eat and lists of excuses to be made.  There was really a lot of stuff that caused us to not rehearse for a while.  But it was just a short while comparatively speaking when you stop and think about the age of the Earth (6,000 years) and the universe (6,000 years and 7 days).

In that time (this time that we haven’t rehearsed, not the time of the Earth or universe) we never really stopped caring about improv.  At least I didn’t.  I don’t really know about the rest of these a holes, but I cared a lot.

Tonight we got back on the horse.  And we did it in style!  We played Zip Zap Zop because you have to do that to be an improv group that is taken seriously.

We also did two Harolds.  They were good.

But the real highlight was a little wrinkle called Mirth In A Box.  Mirth In A Box is a Connecticut company and we are also mirthy in Connecticut so it’s like we are soulmates.  Mirth In A Box provides gift boxes/baskets etc. filled with funny items like Whoppie Cushions, Joy Buzzers and all genres of fake human excresions.  It’s a pretty damn awesome idea and they sent us a box of stuff to play with.  We filmed some of our adventures in our highly-professional studio with our high-quality camera and our many compound adjectives.

Two games.  The first was great fun and involved two people in a suggested scene.  As they performed, we would holler “Mirth In A Box!” and they would have to reach into the box and incorporate whatever silly object they pulled out into the scene.  The second game made use of a sound machine they sent.  Throughout the scene, random sounds would play and the performers would have to react.

In any event here’s some stuff we did.

The first video is our “Mirth In A Box” game with Chris M introducing, Rachel playing the weary NASA worker, and Jesse playing Lou the bartender.

The second video is the “Mirth In A Box” sound game with Chris M introducing, Allison playing the smothered girlfriend and Steve playing the boyfriend.

Many dozens of thanks to the good folks at Mirth In A Box for the props.  Especially the slingshot monkey.  That thing is just outstanding.

More to come from The Sticks.  We’ll be performing the Harold some time in October in our home town of East Hampton, CT.  It will be like Woodstock and Woodstock 2 combined with opening night of Twilight Breaking Dawn.

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  1. Meghan

     /  September 18, 2011

    I knew it! I always had a funny feeling about Allison. So excited to hear there is a performance coming up! I’m tingling with anticipation.

    • We’re shooting for possible 10-21 to perform perhaps at the Goff House. We’ll let you know! Keep on tingling!


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