Second City Touring Company In New Haven

Sticks Author: Steve

We don’t need an excuse to  remove the child seats from our minivans, load up with beer, cheese and smoked meat products, lock our children up with babysitters and hit the road.  We don’t need an excuse for that.  We’re adults and if we want to pack into the minivan and head to New Haven, we can do that damnit.  We can.

Eight Sticks in Chris M and Jen’s minivan.  A jumpseat added (a cooler) for comfort of the eighth.  And off we went.

From where we all live in Connecticut (East Hampton) it’s about 45 minutes into the Elm city.  Since our lives mostly revolve (lovingly, joyously) around our small children, we don’t actually get out much.  So when Kendra noted that the Second City touring company was playing the Long Wharf, we jumped!  And by jumped I mean that we loaded up a minivan with beer and pepperoni.  Beep beep! Squeal of tires.  Dust cloud.  Good luck to you babysitters!  We’re outta here.

A quick ride, some cheese cutting in the car (you heard me), some monologues for the fun of it and we arrived.

Listen, it’s our personal brand as an improviser troupe that we are family types.  Piling in and out of the minivan obviously fits this brand and you may think I’m making it up.  But I’m not.  It was honestly the best and most fun way for us to get there.  Right out of the suburbs and into…

Long Wharf.  A fun little theater in New Haven stuck between salami shops and Ikea.  The whole thing actually looks like where they would stage a mildly-urban superhero fight.  Quick Batman!  Down by the loading docks and dumpsters!  There’s a group of criminals trying to get into a theater to steal pearl necklaces right off the rack (!) of entitled theater goers!

I could probably write a lot of detail about the Second City show, but others have done that before me.  Many, many times in the 50 year history of the group.  But I will say that I can’t remember laughing in such a full-guffawish way in a long time.  More than two hours of high-quality entertainment.

We don’t do sketch comedy in The Sticks, but I bet we will at some point.  Many of the scenes were revelations, finely crafted, perfectly paced.  For us, the value (beyond laughing a lot) was in being able to see how those sketches started.  You could see their origins as improv scenes and that was enlightening.

A talented group these Second City folks!  We’ll do it again and I’m sure we may go this time in a station wagon.  With wood paneling.

Sticks Pic: Chris B, Jen, Rachel, Marilyn at Long Wharf.

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