We Rehearse For The Cinnamon Buns

Sticks Author:  Chris M


On my long drive back into real life this morning, I was thinking about last night’s rehearsal.  All the usual post mortem stuff, “ We did well with beats one and two, struggled with three, but our warm up focusing on group games paid off.”  I then started thinking about this rather amorphous and bizarre project as a whole, and  I was immediately struck by the commitment of our team. Every Sticks member is overcommitted. We are teachers, bankers, corporate leaders, gardeners, theater directors, cooks, students, and Moms and Dads with 11 kids amongst us. Yet each week, despite the flu, leaky roofs, collapsed lungs,  sick kids, business trips, and law school exams we still pull together enough of our team each week to have really great rehearsals.


We moved rehearsals to Sunday night for the next few months, and as expected it created conflicts and difficulties for all. Team members had to miss more rehearsal because of the switch. I was worried that the project might not survive the rescheduling.  But the actors just keep on showing up ready to work.


Could be the laughter. We laugh a lot in rehearsal.  Could be the food and drink. We eat and drink well at rehearsal.  (Cinnamon buns.  Wine.  Health food.)    Could be the friendships. We’ve all grown closer during this unusual project.

But at the risk of sounding like a cheerleader, I think it’s improv that keeps the Sticks vibrant and growing despite all the real world road blocks.  Everyone gets off the wall, everyone is fully engaged in trying to understand what is working, and what is not working.  A couple of months ago, most of us didn’t know long form from long johns.  And yet last night the whole cast was engaged in a spirited discussion around why 1A was so much easier to heighten than 1B.  I think we are all a bit surprised by our passion. Everyone desperately wants to get better at the craft. And we are, slowly, beat by beat.

Nah, on second thought it’s probably the cinnamon buns….

See you next week.

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