He Used To Be A Mime: Get him!

Sticks Author: Chris M

Sticks rehearsal is a highlight in my week. A couple of days beforehand I start thinking about what I’m going do to improve at the next rehearsal.

The internal dialogue goes something like this.  “OK this week  I need to work on character, relationship , environment,  “yes and” ,  finding the game, and clearer initiations, …but my object work is pretty good.” (on accounta I usta be a mime)

In rehearsal, of course, none of this sticks, and I flail about just trying desperately to remember the monologist’s theme.

So this week I’ve decide to list ten things that I will not do (most based on past catastrophes) and only one thing that I will do:

10 things I will not do at the next Sticks rehearsal

I will not:

1)      Repeat a pattern and pretend I found a game

2)      Find an excuse to use my spectacular German accent

3)      Stand on the back line and laugh at my funny friends all night

4)      Pimp my partner with circus arts

5)      Let everyone else know I have no idea where my scene partner is going

6)      Be coy

7)      Initiate  with “Thank you, Fuck me”

8)      Callback to 1A from 1B

9)      Start at the beginning

10)   Tell, I’ll show

1 thing I will do at the next Sticks rehearsal

I will:

“Fall, then figure out what to do on the way down.” -Del Close

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  1. jen

     /  January 21, 2011

    I dig the german accent…. just sayin’


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