Focus On The First Beat

Sticks Author: Steve

We had a lot of fun in our first rehearsal concentrating on tagouts and basictimedashing.  It went so well that we got COCKY! For our second rehearsal we wanted to see what would happen on a full beat.

Our basic goal is to learn longform – a traditional Harold.  The tagouts are certainly crucial to that.  For our second rehearsal, we decided to dive in to the less shallow end (but not quite deep end) of the pool.

For many of us, the structure of the Harold is wholly unexplored.  Really only one of us has ever done it at all and a few of us have read about it.  A lot.  So, explaining the form is required.

We focused our explanation on the idea of beats.  1A, 1B, 1C and then a group game. For this rehearsal we decided to take a suggestion and then use a monologist.  From there we would complete 1A, 1B, 1C and then do a group game.  This would allow us to understand how the themes need to come from the monologist’s use of the suggestion.  Listening was key and we focused on avoiding a literal re-telling of the monologist’s story.

The monologist work was a blast.  Steve did two, Chris did two.  Suggestion one was bowling.  Two was sharks.  Three was Christmas.  Four was… biscuits.  Biscuits!

Linking the story themes into 1A was pretty easy.  Solid scenes happened.  Pushing into 1B was not bad either, but all of us realized how hard it was not to allow 1A to bleed back in – we need distinction of place and character.  1C was a smidge harder.  Group games were solid and fun.

All in all, we got through about 5 1A, B, C with encouraging results.  Edits were solid and the group got better at firmly establishing the place and the characters.

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