First Rehearsal

There are 12 of us in The Sticks.  We have varying degrees of experience with improv, but all of us have done it.  It’s just that we can’t really get into New York with any regularity to take classes – we’ve got jobs.  And families.  And cars that use gas.  And in the case of Steve – he’s got a fear of people.

We’ve known each other for more than 20 years in most cases.  We’re brothers and sisters or husbands and wives to one another.  Why not try and learn how to do The Harold?

The first rehearsal happened a couple of weeks ago and things went…. really, really well.  We were focusing on a few things:

  1. Scene work.  Two person scenes will be the foundation and we will probably always devote a portion of our time to practicing it.  Initiations need to be clean.
  2. Finding the game.  Many of us have a lot of short form experience and we’re trying to break our habit of truly structured games and jokes.  We need to learn about what is the funny/strange in the scene and how to heighten it.
  3. Edits.  We’ve all done tag improv, but there is a structure to editing in improv that is a bit like a new language for us.  Moving scenes forward and backward in time is key.

Over two hours we ran with two basic set ups.  From there, it was tag and sweep edits with characters/settings appearing and re-appearing.  We did well and when we made mistakes (editing incorrectly or staying as the character we edited out) they were instructive.


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